Scripting my kids to emotional intelligence

I learned it from Kidpower, this kick ass group that taught our preschool about safety and strangers. (The reason Kidpower kicks ass is because they teach a whole boat-load of potentially freaky stuff in the spirit of personal power and curiosity, not fear.) Our Kidpower trainer did it first. This very together woman with a very together haircut and strong,… Read More Scripting my kids to emotional intelligence

Why complaining makes me happy

I’m an excellent faker. Surface, social me is deeply devoted to lots of smiling and genuine, Mid-Western eye-contact. My interactions are all unconsciously coated in a thick glaze of I-exist-to-make-sure-you-feel-fantastic. I exude happy and approachable, regardless of my internal state. During sophomore year of college, a friend formed the outline of a rectangle with his… Read More Why complaining makes me happy