Why complaining makes me happy

I’m an excellent faker. Surface, social me is deeply devoted to lots of smiling and genuine, Mid-Western eye-contact. My interactions are all unconsciously coated in a thick glaze of I-exist-to-make-sure-you-feel-fantastic. I exude happy and approachable, regardless of my internal state. During sophomore year of college, a friend formed the outline of a rectangle with his… Read More Why complaining makes me happy

How my bad 4-year-old and I found our way home

There’s simplicity parenting, attachment parenting, parenting by temperament. Authoritative parenting, French parenting, parenting the spirited child. And one I think we’re all familiar with: parenting by the seat of our pants. That, whether I like it or not, is where I parent from most of the time. And let me tell you, the seat of… Read More How my bad 4-year-old and I found our way home