One human’s retrospective on the worst depression, anxiety and insomnia ever

Hey party people. It’s been a long time. That’s because in August and September and some of October this year, I found myself in the deepest depression, most intense anxiety and worst insomnia of my life. The shame I felt in those months was devastating. I stayed away from people I like, feared people I don’t know well and pretended for the people I love most.

Telling the story of that time through the silly medium of Instagram stories is one of the things I’ve made that I am most proud of. Mostly because it feels like a big, hearty “Fuck You!” to the shame that we all grapple with in this lifetime.

Here’s to being human, all together, and knowing that we all feel whole and broken, depending on the moment, and that both things are always true.

Thank you for commenting it up. I love hearing from you.

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