Women's March or Bust

Well everyone, I’m on the move today. My sister and I are perched at the airport, bound for DC.

Just after the election, she said, “I would be honored if you would go to the Women’s March with me.” And this is my older sister, who I will forever try to be as cool as, whose love and approval makes me blossom like a tender spring flower. So I instantly said yes, of course, and here we are.

I’ll try to put some updates on Instagram if you crave to know what we’re up to.

To respect and equality for all people everywhere.

5 thoughts on “Women's March or Bust

  1. Right on, sister. Kick ass….and take names.
    Thought we would see the ERA finally pass but with the current monsters that will certainly be delayed. Hopefully not too long.
    I’m ashamed that the USA needs to actually add a constitutional amendment so women get their dues.
    I know there will be fun to be had in addition with such a gathering of nasty women.

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