Underwear Update

Remember my magical, unemployed, underwear-making friend Lauren? It wasn’t so long ago that you all helped to give her a much needed boost. Thanks to all of you, Lauren had what she defined as the only underwear rush she’s ever had. Underwear positively flew off of her shelves. You all are the greatest, and I got to beam with every excited text I got from Lor saying that another pair had just been bought.

Then a friend of mine was inspired to host an underwear party (such a thing exists?!! well, now it does.) featuring Lauren’s creations at her house. She got free underwear for hosting, and we all got to check out the dreamy colorful ice-cream shop of fabrics to choose from. (Bay Area friends: this could be you.)


And elastic! I never knew elastic could be so appealing.


At the underwear party (!), somewhere between my Red Jewel cocktail and the molten chocolate cupcakes (!!) and swooning over the creativity of my dear friend, I snatched up these beauties.


They’re so comfortable that I forget I’m wearing them. And here’s the thing that really *killed* me when I opened them up the next day: I could feel the heart she invests down to the smallest details.


After reading this, I felt like I’d sat down and had a life-giving, leisurely cup of coffee with my underwear. I got a little teary when I saw the bit about 10% going to a womens’ sewing program in Kenya. Now you see why it’s important for me to have Lauren in my life. My instincts–even when money matters are fine–tend towards stingy, selfish miser. But Lor keeps sewing women in Kenya in mind even when moving out of her apartment and into a friend’s basement while she continues to look for a job.

So there you have it. You’ve been properly thanked. Lauren has been deservedly supported. I hope you can hear my deep sigh of satisfaction here. And if you happen to know of someone who might need some Lemon Ice or Green Apple or High Tea underwear in her life, now you know where to find them.


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