Thoughts on moving house

Mid December was a moving frenzy over here. Followed by some rest, relaxation, lethargy and snow during our trip home for Christmas. And now we’re moving in to the new house. Things are coming together. Slowly.

As my friend M said the other day, 3 year olds are obstructionists. And being in the daily company of a full-time obstructionist while trying to move all your worldly possessions into a new house can be, well, a real pisser.

We’ve had help from countless friends and A’s dad, for which I am humbly grateful.

I find myself trying to find silver linings these days because my mood is mostly tending towards the negative. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again–I’m not a good mover. I like the familiar. I put down roots. I don’t like yanking them, even if it is to plant them 3 blocks away. So I find myself lamenting the new kitchen cabinets and how low to the countertops they are. The fact that we have a single, undivided sink makes my aversion to washing dishes even stronger. The way every window in this place greets me in the morning with heavy beads of condensation. (We had single pane windows in our old place and this never happened?!)

And (case in point!) on the silver lining front, I’m downstairs (downstairs!!!) in the dining room (dining room!!!) typing this while J plays trains and cars with explosive sound effects in his extremely pink room.


It’s moment to moment and up and down around here.

Also, I’ve missed you! While it’s been a relief to take a break from blogging, I’ve felt a loss at the same time. I get so much out of our snippets of blog and facebook conversation. And just knowing that real, live people who grapple with similar things are at the other end of this. You are one of my silver linings. Thank you.

4 thoughts on “Thoughts on moving house

  1. love. and love the pink room. and hate moving. way to survive it. have you read that blog post, 46 things that may be freaking out my 3 year old? or something like that? it is funny. xo

  2. Oh girl, let me tell you how much I empathize and understand and feel EXACTLY the same. What in the world happened? Our children approached and turned 3 is what happened. Mother *%#er this *#^% is HARD! I just spend the last hour and a half of my day helping my suddenly afraid to sleep son get down for his nap. He’s FINALLY asleep and I am so ANGRY & RESENTFUL! Ok, we’ll maybe I am taking some deep breaths, and feel more relief in this moment, but following through with helping his poor crying body rest (I gently took him back to his bed maybe 201 times), threatening to call a babysitter to stay wih him as I was too tired of this, and finally he’s passed out, so I’m more relieved than anything. And this is just ONE of the moments of late. They’re just so needy right now. An so adorable right now too. But it’s so hard not to feel discouraged from moment to moment. And with all this sleep drama making everyone more tired (it’s been like 5 days of this now), we’re going to be further disturbed by a trip cross country next week to see our new niece….and then fly more to join Daddy on his business trip. Holy cow. Anyway, I feel you girl. We are doing this. We are not just surviving, but we are succeeding beyond success. Showing our little ones how much they are worth the effort, knowing our limits, taking deep breaths…it’s all worth it, but just so damned tiring. Thanks for letting me know I’m not alone! You are my silver lining too.

  3. Our plan now is to try to move to the southwest in 2 1/2 years – after 15-year old girl graduates. I already dread the thought of trying to clean and repair her dump of a room and then keep it clean to show. Can’t see the floor through the clothes though that may be a good thing as I know she’s stained the carpet with nail polish and other unknown substances. The hole in the wall? To stay until last possible showing moment. It’s a reminder… And, though, I want to move (New England winters suck!), I know I’ll miss my beautiful colonial house. Despite the condensation all over the windows every morning. (Definitely not helped by intense humidifier use…)

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