Happy Father’s Day to the two I know and love best

For Father’s day, I’d like to celebrate the two fathers I know and love best: the one who co-made me, and the one who I helped to make.

Here’s my dad the day I was born.

This man, as you can see, takes the fatherhood gig very seriously. And yet he can still chill out with the best of ’em.

I love his combination of seriousness and irreverence.

And then there’s this guy.
(the one on the left)

He impresses me on a regular basis with his ability to both meet his own needs and put in some serious dad time. I mean seriously, notice here how he’s totally getting into the New Yorker, has strategically placed candy on his belly for easy access and is still “actively parenting.” Since I’m descended from a long line of people who very naturally (and sometimes obsessively) focus on other people before themselves, this has been a revelation.

Also, when he’s doing projects around the house, he thinks to do cool things with J like this

And this

And I never worry when he does that kind of thing, because he has a much better natural sense of danger and safety than I do. For whatever reason, ever since J was born, I just assume that he’ll be fine. Even when he’s, say, playing with a *slightly* rusty cheese grater or when a huge, erratic dog is lumbering towards him on the beach. Thankfully, I’ve got this guy around.

Thank you, you two fathers I love. My life is better because of each of you.

4 thoughts on “Happy Father’s Day to the two I know and love best

  1. Stephanie, my youngest sweetheart, you have made me proud and unbelievably fortunate to be called your Father or Dad. I love you as much as life itself. My family is…life itself. Thank you for your thoughtfulness and creativity. And, HAPPY FATHER’S DAY to the one you assisted in achieving this fulfilling status. Dad

  2. love this post, and it rings so true for our household as well. my husband is totally able to somehow figure out a way to balance his own interests with daddying, sometimes simultaneously, and i just observe him in wonder (because i for the life of me cannot figure out how to do the same in any sort of consistent way). and i trust my husband’s sense of danger so much more than i trust my own – so he can throw Emmy twenty feet in the air or balance her on a tree limb and as long as he is around, I know she will be ok.. weird..
    love the photos, they are brilliant.

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