On becoming a mother

As I mentioned a couple of posts ago, I recently assisted a childbirth class as part of my doula certification. On the last night of the class, all of the couples took turns talking about their fears, how excited they were, what they’d learned. One woman said something to the effect of, “It’s crazy that we’ve prepared so much for and have so many feelings and anxieties about a journey that is, essentially, one foot long. I mean, the baby only has to get from here (gesture to belly), to there (gesture to crotch).”

I was struck how funny and truthful and earnest they all were, and how it seemed that we were all in awe of the same thing—birth as a rite of passage. You’re on one side of that fence your whole life, and then you’re pregnant and know you’re gonna have to cross it. And then, by the grace of god and medicine and your own body and the support around you, you reach the other side. It’s endlessly mysterious and inspiring to me. And it’s just nuts. There’s this baby on the inside. And you have no earthly idea what its actually going to be like until it comes out. And then it’s there. Sheesh.

I decided to pursue my endless fascination with this whole process by having a couple of conversations on video with two women who volunteered from the group – one when they were around 38 weeks, just weeks or days away from having their babies, and one when their babies were a few weeks old. A sort of video time capsule, as it were.

Here’s a glimpse of the chat I had with T before she had her baby. (Turns out, we recorded this conversation 6 days before she birthed her baby boy.) My next post will be a little video time capsule from chat we had last week, when the wee babe was a month old.

11 thoughts on “On becoming a mother

  1. It is amazing that our bodies are equipped for birth more than we even know it…first time mothers may not always grasp that. Keep up the awesome blogs (cheering)!!

  2. This is a fantastic idea! Great video and I can’t wait to see the next one, especially since this is all very much on my mind these days. Do you think you could get her to agree to do them periodically throughout the baby’s first year? That would be so interesting.

  3. I *finally* got around to watching this video today (read the post when it was new, but not somewhere where I could do sound). I love it & am looking forward to more.

  4. “I didn’t need anything else but you! I don’t know about that…. but thank you!” LMAO!!!! This video is funny//interesting. 🙂 I really like your blog. Followed ya on Facebook.

    1. Thanks so much, Monica. Glad to have you here! Pull up a chair. Stay a while. I’m in the midst of another freelance video project right now, so when that wraps up, I’ll get to editing more of my talks with T–her baby is 4 months old today, so as you can imagine, there has been a lot to talk about!

  5. This is AWESOME!!!! It sucks that I didn’t see this in January, but whatever my baby is 5 months old, and although it’s a slow climb on “I can do this my way” hill, i’m terrified and excited to enjoy it at the same time.

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