On celebrating holidays now that I have a kid

Who knew how much pressure would be added to CELEBRATE HOLIDAYS now that you have kids?? Halloween just came and went, and with it, quite a few images to add to my collection of how to look like a “good parent.” I spent the pre-Halloween season jockeying with these judgments and assumptions, and came out the other end feeling more comfortable with celebrating my way. (If you related to this post…you’ll probably also dig this one)

2 thoughts on “On celebrating holidays now that I have a kid

  1. I’m super lazy about holidays, but I remember loving them as a kid, so I get you on the pressure thing, for sure! This was the first holiday T’s been old enough for me to want to do something about it, and I admit I also felt some guilt about missing the neighborhood party and not having a costume for myself. I realized afterwards I just am not really into dressing up, it’s just not my thing – so I’m so glad you brought this up, because now I feel less guilty about it! I was also judging my laziness around his costume, because my friend had one that I thought was way more clever (and matching her own)…oh the myriad of ways we can think of to self-judge!

    I totally get you on the swim class thing too. I just couldn’t get into those silly songs! I wanted T to learn to swim and that didn’t happen because I got tired of going, I could never memorize the words and just felt kinda silly, though I loved taking him in the water.

    All in all I did enjoy Halloween, T looked adorable and we got pizza afterwards, and I had fun taking pictures. While he didn’t get the whole trick or treating thing, he sure loved playing under an A-frame sign for 15 minutes 🙂

    1. Yes! I love hearing from other people about the ways these things creep in…makes me feel a bit less neurotic. I realize more and more with J what SOCIAL creatures we are. Peer pressure WORKS. And it works on me too, big time.

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