On zen and the domestic arts

I spend most of my days doing housework. For the last 2 years, I’ve wrestled with what that means about my identity and value in the world. After my recent reality tv bender, I found that doing the dishes isn’t the worst thing on earth after all.

4 thoughts on “On zen and the domestic arts

  1. really like this one Steph. Not just because it’s so honest about hating dishes and admitting the shame and pleasure and hollowness of watching TV, but because finding satisfaction in the chores really resonates with me. I make my peace about cleaning up after my two messy ones by admitting to myself that I don’t HAVE TO clean up, I CHOOSE to clean up. Because I am the one who likes it clean and neat and I can put my holy rage into it and do it super fast and blow off some steam at the same time and I feel mighty and powerful while at it and quite peaceful afterward. And I like waking up to a clean kitchen. 🙂 Buda was watchin with me and smiled at your face, clearly recognized you. Can’t wait to see you again!

    1. i know. the joy of waking up to a clean kitchen is second to none. and AMEN. the difference between “have to” and “choose to” is life-changing.
      i’m excited to smile at your and buda’s faces soon!!

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