On priorities, the internet, and my jumpy, all-over-the-place brain

My latest challenge? Beginning and finishing a task. Between my toddler and the internet, I seem to be more distract-able than ever. How do you keep your focus with kids and the interweb and a million and one things seeking your attention?

7 thoughts on “On priorities, the internet, and my jumpy, all-over-the-place brain

  1. I just love this. Even as a non-mom I have this problem. It feels in some ways like the a problem for all of modernity at the moment. That we all have acquired ADD. I can’t imagine the additional distraction of a toddler and look forward to hearing what people have to say.

  2. There are so many times that I feel so thankful that I am a single mom who works. When I was on maternity leave, I was constantly frustrated by the fact that I didn’t feel like I was accomplishing anything, despite the fact that keeping this new human being alive was truly an accomplishment in itself some days. I feel like when I am at work I can satisfy this need to cross things off a to-do list, and then be a little more relaxed about getting things done when I am at home with Kahlan.

    Then there are days where is still kills me to leave her at daycare and I spend every second of the work day missing her. So really, its tough either way I think.

    As for the scattered mind….I had that problem before, and it is just that much worse now. I have never been able to ignore the temptations of checking facebook really quickly, or those “oh yeah, I meant to Google that!” moments that randomly strike me. The internet is evil I tell you!!

    I so love hearing your thoughts Steph!! 🙂

  3. I feel you soooooo deeply! I have the same problem. Haven’t got the discipline or strength to do it a different way. I need to do it though, because if I will be going back to school, I gotta get my brain back in working!

  4. MEEEEeee Tooooo!
    I have naptimes, god bless them, when I’m not following Shirene around. And what do I do, most of the time, you ask? Internet surf. Eat some chocolate. Finally sit down to read my book and relax and the baby wakes up as my ass hits the sofa. AAarrgh!!!

    I keep meaning to think through my days, before it’s happening, so I can plan what directions to send my energy. By “before it’s happening,” I mean “before Shirene is hanging on my leg screaming that she wants to nurse while I desperately try to make her lunch” or “before Shirene is trying to eat chicken poop in the backyard,” or “before I start following Shirene around with a stuffed animal to lure her to the potty before she wets her pants.” Need I say more?

    My take on it–for months and months, we’ve not been getting time finish many thoughts. The babies keep us jumping from topic to topic as they careen around our lives. I agree with you–this is taking some kind of toll on my brain.

    I keep thinking that better list-making is the answer, but so often I find myself interrupted mid-thought about my list items, and then I can’t even remember what the damn thing was that I was about to write down! I hope someone else has some better ideas than I do!

  5. I am with Deb. I relate to what you are saying even without a baby. Writing a dissertation, I have to be self motivated, and really think things through in terms of priorities and what I am doing hour by hour, or I get nothing done. Often I don’t do this and I end up feeling like I worked all day (still neck, strained eyes, etc) but I have done next to no actual work. All the internet’s fault.

    another thought: when I do manage to get the internet off consistently, I notice how much more relaxed I am, even if I am sitting at the computer and writing. When I take a moment from writing, I actually look out the window. Sometimes I see dogs and flowers and puppies, or I notice a smell or a sound that is in the actual world. I feel so much calmer and the day feels longer and time moves slower and it is amazing. These moments are few and far between but they make me realize that the willpower to get away from the mindlessness that the internet encourages is well spent.

  6. I am still home with my son and unsuccessfully looking for work, I decided that I needed some time just to get shit done. I got my 19 month old into a play group for 4 hours once a week. It is amazing how quickly that time passes. I go into that day with a list and find that I can rarely get more than two things crossed off. This week it was mop the kitchen floor and organize my digital photo files. Its so depressing. My mantra for dealing with this and most everything since entering the wild and wacky world of parenting has become “lowered expectations.” Not beating myself up, trying to see the glass half full, celebrating my success. (however short-lived -as the boy proceeds to drop potato bombs all over my clean floor at dinner.), that’s the best I can do these days.

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