On becoming a realist

I’m an idealist by nature. So when I started this blog, I thought I could crank out a video every other week at least. Sadly, this has not come to pass. And then today I realized: writing is FASTER.

So while I’d love to be a prolific video-blog maven, I’m gonna just give up the ghost and start writing too, because my video aspirations can’t keep up with all the thoughts I’ve been having and wanting to share.

1) J calls our strawberries babies, thanks to our neighbor Julie, who explained to him why we have to be very gentle with them. She had to explain this because he likes to scream “Syyybbbbiiiiiaaaa!” and pick the green strawberries with a flick of his chubby little wrist. Since hearing Julie’s explanation, he now puts his nose right up to the strawberry plants and says “Sybia. Baby. Pick.” But he doesn’t pick. Thank you, Julie. Here is one baby pinking up today.

2) Like every mother of a toddler in the known universe, I stop dead in my tracks for firetrucks, fed ex trucks, motorcycles, buses, back-hoes, garbage trucks… I never understood myself quite how amazing these things were until J prompted me to have another look by screaming WOA! WOAAAAAA! WWWOOOOOOAAAAAHH! Turns out, garbage trucks are completely incredible. This morning, gaping with J at those metal robot arms that reach out and grab the trashcans pretty much knocked my socks off. Amazing. It also turns out that garbage men everywhere know their rockstar status with kids. They wave at them as though they were Bono on-stage in an arena. They know their audience is completely hooked. Until now, I’ve never had any connection, good or bad, with garbage men. At most, I’ve thought, “What a bummer, they have to smell and touch garbage all day.” Since J’s recent garbage truck obsession, I’m realizing they’re some of the coolest people around. Think about it: they take away our smelly, rotten garbage. For that, they might be the single most useful and admirable people on the planet.

3) Hello design-friendly sippy cup.
I found it in a late-night online quest to find one that is easier to clean, since I’m pretty sick of trying to dig into the little rubbery nooks and crannies of our current sippy to clean out the mold starting there. We used it for the first time today and are hooked. But don’t bother getting the blue, slow flow cup lids. They seem to me to be identical to the clear ones that come with the clear, dye free cup. Aside from that, I’m a total convert.

4) I’ve been depressed this week. I think this is due to over-J-exposure and not enough sleep. We took a trip to Colorado for 3 weeks to stay with some friends who have a baby. It sounded like an exciting venture into communal living, which I’m always a big sucker for, and I wanted to check out Boulder to see if we might want to move there. While there were certainly good moments (many of which had to do with putting J in our friends’ chicken coop) the trip was something of a disaster. I’ve added more requirements to my “Things one must have in order for communal living to work” list. More on that later.Those 3 weeks of vacation/communal-living-experiment-gone-wrong took their toll. And after this last weekend alone with my 21-month-old whining, clutter creating machine, I’d really had it. I needed a break. And more sleep. So I resolved to go to sleep before 11, even though that meant giving up those precious do-whatever-I-want nighttime hours. I did it last night–asleep by 10:30–and I already feel better. This weekend, I’m planning to sleep at our neighbor’s house so I can wake up naturally (!) and then take a day to myself. Nothing like celebrating Father’s Day by letting A be a full-time father all day long. I’m excited. And grateful.

2 thoughts on “On becoming a realist

  1. I’m so glad you wrote a piece for your blog…you’re a strong writer! Write more! I appreciate your honesty and candor. Love the photo of Jonah in the coop. My kids would love to hang out with chickens…luckily they have an aunt who just bought some in Sonoma. Anyway…keep writing and I’ll keep reading. Hope the dark cloud lifts soon, btw.

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